Monday, October 31, 2011


Aaand my Halloween is now complete. Just scared the living SHIT out of about 20 middle school kids that all came to the door all at once. I opened the door with a big happy grin, and then suddenly lunged at them, shrieking, my best demonwitch scream straight from the bowels of hell. One little dude couldn't take it and bolted. Everyone else screamed and clutched each other in white-knuckled fear until they saw the giant bowl of candy and all was forgiven. *sigh* I ♥ scaring little kids. Oh, and I  Halloween.

Happy Halloween, everybody!


  1. This makes me laugh. Not because I particularly like the idea of scaring kids, but because I can picture it so clearly. Hahaha. (just don't do it to me) ;)

    I'm easily startled, but, like the kids, can be won back over easily with treats (but still don't do it to me) ;) ;)