Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pancakes Are Love

I set breakfast on the table this morning.

G: “Wuth dat?”

Me: “Uhhh…blini. Blini with plum and apple compote.”G:(snarling) “dath fwiggin’ gwoth.”

Me: “No way, dude! This shit’s delicious! Try it!”

G: “I’n not eatin’ compotht!”

Me: “not Com-POST. Com-POTE. It’s, like…fruit sauce. Jelly. Hot jelly.”

G:(Eyeing me and the blini skeptically) “No.I’n not eatin’ dat.”

Roman sits and begins eating his breakfast with gusto. “Oh my GAWD, DAD! This is the best thing you have made EVER.” He then turns to me, his face away from Gaius, huge smirk on his face, and winks theatrically.

G: (glaring)“You methin’ with me, Wo-man?”

Roman: “No, it really is tasty!”

G: "I don't bleeve you. I'n not gonna eat dat."

I head back to the kitchen to finish making the rest of the blini.
Hollering from the stove, I ask: “Gaius! You want just some plain ones?”


Me: “What?!”

G: (swallowing)"I'N EATIN THE PANCAKTH. DITH THTUFF ITH FWEAKIN’ DEE-LICIOUS!” He proceeds to devour the entire plateful.

I win.