Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Cause Of - and Solution to - All Of Life's Problems.

Boogie: (Observing me drinking at the sink)"HEY! I see you drinking those beers..."
Me: "I'm whatnow? I'm drinking water, child. Look. See? Water."
B: "You changed it with your magic. You're drinkin' all the beers. I see youuu... and you better save some of those beers for mama."
Me: "I am NOT drinking BEER! Why am I even defending myself to you?! I can drink beer if I want. But I'm not. So shut it and go away!"
Boogie:(Backing slowly out of the kitchen while pointing at me) "I got my eye on youuu. You save some beers for mama. She works hard and needs beer for when she comes home...I waaatching youuuuuu..."
Me:"Whatever, ya weirdo. I'm watching YOU. HA! How about that?!"
Crap. Now I want a beer.

1 comment:

  1. water into beer? So not the messiah... :)

    and my captcha is:
    raziesI 969

    a touch creepy, really, the picture was even an old haunted house like sign.