Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yippy-kai-ay, melon farmer...

Hey! Dude in the Santa PedoBear suit... You come near my kids again, and intentionally antagonize my Biscuit, and Greybeard's gonna spork a bitch.
Granted, I can be a little overprotective at times. I love my kids, and I don't EVER want to lose them. But I like to think that, lately, I've been more relaxed about people getting in their bubble. My bubble. The D'Agobubble. Until this guy. 

I understand he's a representative of the company. Still, I'm always wary of a guy in a mask. I can't see his soul if I can't look into his eyes. But I'm willing to let this slide, as it's daytime, and we are near a place of business. I even hold back when he grabs the twins by the hand and heads off into the restaurant. It was when we got to the table and Smokey the Ursine Creepoid was still following us, and Gaius put up his hand in the "back-off, bitch" gesture that is universally acknowledged as the leave-the-baby-alone signal and dude not only didn't listen, he pushed Gaius to the freak-out point, that I lost it.
I looked directly into his eyeholes while addressing the waitress in my most...protective tone - "He is seriously in my son's bubble, and if he doesn't get the fuck out, he's going to get kicked in the nuts."
She took immediate action and stepped between the Bear and the baby - "You need to go. NOW." He sauntered off, secure in his manliness for having intimidated a baby. Fucking prick. That waitress got a hell of a tip, though. 

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