Monday, July 18, 2016

Can I Get a Hand, Here?!

I do NOT get the mentality that the working  away from home partner does precisely jack shit when they get home. I don't get that. "Oh, honey, I'll help you by taking out the trash...occasionally." Motherfucker. Said. What?!?!? the whole time you're at "work", obviously I'm home just f7xk8ng around, and not ONLY do I not start "working" until you get home, the entirety of what I do revolves around what you do with your tired ass!?!? Guess what, motherfucker- have I got news for you. While you are at "work", my ass is shopping, feeding, cleaning, feeding, doing laundry, drinking maybe, feeding, paying bills, cleaning, more laundry, a little more tipple, cooking, feeding, cleaning, whup- more shopping, and THEN you get home, which involves more cooking, cleaning, feeding...every. motherfucking. day. So, come to me again with the "I'm the working parent, I'll take out the trash and do some yardwork." Yardwork is a fucking VACATION. Outside? By myself? For hours?!Are you fucking kidding?!?!  That is NOT an equal partnership. An equal partnership is, you get home, you ask what the fuck you can do to assist. "But I've had a long day at worrrrk...*pout*" well Guess. Fucking. What. So have I. I have done all the shit, whilst wrangling children, pets, and the occasional confused and now slightly disheveled passerby. So pitch in. Help out. Equalize. Because we're in this shit together.

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